The Team

The experience, skills and networks of our team are an essential asset in creating SolarShare. This page contains information on SolarShare’s project team. If you would like information on SolarShare’s directors please follow this link to our Board and Management page.  

Principal Executive Officer

David White

David is an experienced and successful business owner, with a background in information technology and business operations. For the past 9 years, David has been running a dynamic software distribution business servicing Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand, while at the same time running his own IT consulting business. Prior to starting Whix Consulting in 2014 and taking over Survey Design and Analysis Services, also in 2014, he worked with Ernst & Young in Australia, the UK and the United States, where he gained experience with large complex businesses ranging from retailers to energy providers. Over the years he has worked with many utility providers, including water, gas and electricity. Outside of work, David spends time with his family and is an active player in the Australian National University Men’s Hockey Club. In this new role, David will provide a central point of contact for shareholders, the Board, support staff and contractors. David looks forward to this opportunity to serve the Canberra community. Please make him welcome.  

Previous contributors

SolarShare could not be possible without the huge effort put in by some fantastic contributors