The Team

The experience, skills and networks of our team are an essential asset in creating SolarShare. This page contains information on SolarShare’s project team.If you would like information on SolarShare’s directors please follow this link to our Governance page

Project Leader

Lawrence McIntosh

Lawrence is a founding member of SolarShare and leads the project team. In previous experiences Lawrence was involved in creating the ACT’s first formal jointly owned solar farm located in Kambah. He also project managed several solar installations that were, at the time, the largest in the ACT during a role at Armada Solar. Lawrence’s other business pursuits include PV Lab Australia, a solar panel quality laboratory located at the Australian National University.

Project Advisers


Clare De Castella

Clare has over 20 years experience in marketing and communications across a range of sectors including renewable energy. She now works for the Australian National University Climate Change Institute. She has a History degree from Cambridge University and a Masters in Environmental Management from the University of New South Wales. She is excited about helping launch community solar into the ACT.

Laura Ealing

Laura works in environmental policy and program management for the federal government. She has previously worked in local government and for a sustainability and urban design consultancy. She has a degree in social sciences from the University of Sydney and is doing a Master of Environment at the Australian National University. In her spare time she loves volunteering on conservation projects, hiking and riding her bike around Canberra and writes a blog on ethical and eco travel. She is passionate about building an empire of community-powered renewables in Canberra.

Alex Lamb

Alex has worked in media, politics and non-governmental organisations. She currently works as the advocacy and policy adviser for international humanitarian and development organisation, CARE Australia, and contributes to a range of local initiatives to support the environment and social justice. She is excited by Canberra’s bold vision to power the city 100% through renewable energy and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to zero, and sees SolarShare as an innovative contribution to reaching this collective goal.

Steve O’Connor

In addition to being a doting father and busy IT professional, Steve O’Connor has been trained by Al Gore to be a leader with the Climate Reality Project and has written several articles about climate change that have been published on The Drum (ABC), Crikey and New Matilda.

Last year, Steve was a field co-ordinator for the Say Yes campaign, organising a climate change community forum at ANU with speakers representing viewpoints from youth, economics and climate science. Previously, Steve was a contributor at Skeptical Science, which won the 2011 Eureka Prize for advancement of climate science knowledge.

Ben Laurence Rogers

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Tom Campbell

Tom currently works for a local project management consultancy after relocating to Canberra after a brief stint in the UK with the ‘The Climate Group’ where he was involved in the analysis of ‘low carbon’ investments by some of the world’s largest companies. He has a background in Project Management and Infrastructure Planning with experience in the aviation and construction industries. Tom has developed a keen interest in the commercial opportunities associated with the transition to a low carbon economy.

Kaveri Chakrabarty

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Dave Southgate

Dave spent 30 years as an environmental specialist in both State and Federal Public Services. He has a strong interest in sustainable transport and worked for more than 20 years with the Federal Transport Department. A long time cyclist he is now fascinated by the advent of electric vehicles.

He owns an electric car (Nissan Leaf), and an e‑bike, and is excited by the way widespread adoption of solar energy is providing a platform for society to move toward carbon-free land transport. He is particularly interested in the role emerging battery technologies will play in the energy transition now taking place around the world.

Bob Jarman

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Rachel Cremer

Rachel’s professional background is in property leasing, management, and compliance for infrastructure projects. She is currently studying for a Bachelor of Sustainability (Cultural Heritage Management) to add to her Town Planning qualifications. Rachel holds a strong interest in principles of sustainable development and how these can make a difference – from small changes at home, through to larger projects – like Solarshare.


Paul Pentony

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Chris Lowe

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Chris Lowe

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Previous contributors

SolarShare could not be possible without the huge effort put in by some fantastic past contributors including:

  • Joe Salmona
  • Carly Ambler
  • Alexandra Auhl
  • Evan Beaver
  • Catherine Burkitt
  • Natalie Bragg
  • Peter Campbell
  • Anne Clarke
  • Lily Dempster
  • Bob Douglass
  • Ben Elliston
  • Nicholas Engerer
  • Bill Gresham
  • Marea Fatseas
  • Michael Furey
  • Julia McDonald
  • Nicky Mofatt
  • Vanessa Moriss
  • Paul MaGarey
  • Clare Paynter
  • Mark Spain
  • Erin Stonestreet
  • Amanda Shashall
  • Bethany Thompson
  • Amy Tielu
  • Victoria Till
  • Charlotte Wood