ACT Government gets behind community solar investment

SolarShare welcomed the ACT Government’s announcement last week that it will be introducing a new community solar feed-in tariff (FiT).

The Canberra Community Solar initiative, announced by Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell on Friday, will create 1 MW of community owned solar projects. 

The initiative will provide renters and people living in flats and apartments who previously missed out on the benefits of solar, the opportunity to invest in solar power.

The initiative will allow households to pool their resources to develop new large-scale solar installations, with a guaranteed income stream.

Brian Acworth, Chair of the SolarShare Governance Group said SolarShare Canberra is currently working to create Canberra’s first community-owned solar farm.

“Our membership registrations are at a level where we can act on the significant solar power opportunities available to us. SolarShare is therefore ideally positioned to support the success of the Minister’s initiative. Community solar projects will have the same guaranteed income stream as recent large solar developments, ” Mr Acworth said.

“Community registrations for SolarShare membership continue strongly with over $1million from 270 local residents to date. Community interest in SolarShare will support reaching the scale of renewable energy outcomes the Minister is targeting.” 

For more information on how SolarShare supporters are set to benefit from the ACT Government’s Canberra Community Solar initiative, make sure you read Mr Acworth’s media release here.