Conservation Council World Environment Day

On Saturday June 1, the Conservation Council ACT Region’s World Environment Day Dinner will be undertaking fundraising to directly support their current and future campaigns.

To support our friends at the Conservation Council, we will be auctioning off the opportunity to press the big red button to power up our community solar farm!

Currently there are over 80 items being auctioned off, including:

  • a two-car carport built for solar panels that’s great for people who can’t put solar panels on their houses, or who have electric vehicles
  • a solar hot water system that uses the same technology as induction cooktops to heat water
  • a submersible solar bore pump
  • an energy saving air conditioner
  • a Tesla Model S to take you and three others down the coast for the weekend.

Of course, we want you to have first dibs at the opportunity to press go on our solar farm so follow the link to get the opportunity. If any of the other items interest you, follow the links to participate in an auction to support a great cause!