December 2018 Newsletter

Dear SolarShare Supporter,

As the weather is heating up so too are our announcements! In this update, we have some important news on our flagship project as well as a development update and a new share registry.

Progress with T2 Offer

We’ve had our professional advisors, Chamberlains (legal) and P-squared advisory review our offer document and are now in the final stages of preparing this for lodgement with ASIC. If you are an investor, this document will provide the information you need to confirm your investment in SolarShare’s flagship solar project.

Once the offer document is released, you will be able to confirm and purchase shares. SolarShare intends to allocate shares based on the date you originally registered their interest on SolarShare’s website, and the number of shares you registered for.

There will be a set period of time to confirm your investment, so please read the offer document thoroughly. If you do not make your application by this date then you may not receive all the shares you registered and applied for.

If you haven’t already registered, now is the time. Head to and follow the registration instructions.

Development update

Our engineer has finished the requirements and specifications document for us and for the farm. This represents a major milestone in the design. Our solar farm construction company Epho is incorporating these to produce a final site layout. We’ll put this up on the website when it’s done and will be going out to the local stakeholders for any feedback, particularly around the landscaping.

New share registry

SolarShare has engaged Registry Direct to provide a new register to manage shares in the solar farm. Existing shareholders will be brought onto this platform and all the new T2 shareholders will also be on this share registry.

Results from survey

Thank you for all of your feedback through our survey. We’re now looking through all the results. Over 90% of those that participated in the survey told us that over that the reasons for investing in SolarShare to “support renewable energy” and “take action on climate change”. The wordcloud below represents what SolarShare means to you – the larger the text, the more important to you.

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