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[Update May 2015]

We have since decided to focus on a different site for this project. You can head to our flagship project page to read all about the new site, this has also meant a change in the development company we are working with on our flagship project. If you’d like to know more about the reasons for the change then this post will give you all the background

The oringinal information and post is below.


In August 2014 we partnered with development firm Photon Energy to work on developing a project at a site off Mugga ln. In the second half of 2014 we sought feedback from community members on plans for this project near the Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre.

A map of the proposed site is shown below (click the image for a larger view):

Mugga Site

Mugga Site (click to enlarge)

We’re keen to hear from you. Please send any feedback to

Quick Statistics

Greenfield Project

Greenfield Solar Array

  • 5,184 solar modules
  • Co-owned by 400 to 600 local community members
  • Power for approximately 250 Canberra homes
  • 1.9 GWh of electricity each year
  • 1600 Tonnes CO2 abatement each year
  • 2.6 hectares

Photon Energy has already completed studies and investigations into the suitability of the site, you can view a selection of these below:


Funding and Finance

While it is a sizeable project for the ACT, it will not be the largest by any means. As a comparison, it will be roughly 5% of the size of the array which is installed on the Monaro highway at Royalla.

We estimate participation from 400 to 600 community members, with investments ranging between $1,000 and $10,000 per member.

dollar coinThe major portion of the shareholder investments will go towards setting up the solar farm, including equipment purchase and construction costs. The various components of the cost include civil works, installation labour, electrical work, grid connection hardware, cables, breakers, inverters and of course, the solar panels.

SolarShare is applying to the ACT government’s Community Solar initiative to sell the electricity under a Feed in Tariff contract. Under the ACT Government’s community solar initiative, SolarShare will be able to sell the energy into the energy network and receive 20c for each kilo-Watt-hour (kWh) for electricity generated. As a comparison, electricity for homeowners costs around 18 c/kWh in the ACT.  each year the plant is predicted to earn over $360,000 in revenue. The profits from this sale of electricity will be returned to our member investors.


Construction and maintenance

We have negotiated a five year performance guarantee and maintenance contract with Photon Energy, who will be responsible for important factors such as regular maintenance inspections, offsite monitoring and the timely replacement of any component that fails. This ensures that the system produces electricity at a consistently high level of efficiency and safety.