T2 Investment Round Update

Our team has been very busy finalising details of the T2 Investment Round but we have some great news to share with you all!

Here goes… *drum roll*… We have raised over $2.25 million, and negotiated a loan to complete the funding requirements for the development and construction of the farm.

This means we will be closing the offer next week on the Tuesday, 28 May. So this is your absolute last chance to apply and/or pay for shares. If you live outside the ACT, we are sorry that you can’t apply for shares in this offer, but we still thank you for your support and interest in community solar. We’ll be sure to do other projects in the future that won’t have the same ACT ownership restrictions.

If you have applied for shares, but have not paid by the deadline, your application is incomplete and will be considered invalid. We won’t be accepting any more share applications or money beyond the deadline.

To have completed you application you must have:

  • Downloaded and Read the Offer Information Statement
  • Filled out the Application Form
  • Received an Invoice
  • Paid invoice and have received a receipt. If you have paid but have not received a receipt, please check your junk mail folder.

If you’re not sure if you have paid or not, and would still like to, send an email with your details to info@solarshare.com.au and we can follow this up for you.