Solar Farm Projects

SolarShare is set up to operate multiple solar generation assets on both greenfield and rooftop sites. Through developing multiple projects we can diversify energy sales and reduce the risk to investors while locating projects physically close to our community investors. We are in the process of working with site owners and solar farm developers around particular sites, and details on specific projects are available below. As these developments near financial close the board will determine which project or combination of projects will provide the best investment opportunity for the community.


1 MW Flagship project

Read Solar farmabout our flagship 1MW solar array. Nestled between the old Majura Rd and the new Majura bypass the site will be on the Majura valley tourism trail and be a part of an area which really demonstrates the bush capital vision of Canberra. The area combines local agriculture and produce with nearby institutions like the Winery and Truffle farm and can now boast to being a focal point for local communities transitioning to a renewable future through innovation in sustainability. The project will produce enough power for approximately 250 homes.


Rooftop Projects

In addition to SolarShare’s flagship project, SolarShare is actively developing rooftop projects in the ACT on sites with stable occupants and high, consistent electricity usage.

Solar Project Criteria

When negotiating with host sites and developers we consider certain criteria for identifying the right project opportunity for community ownership:
  • Project size – project must be of sufficient size to cover standard overheads while offering a suitable return to the investors.
  • Transparency – The nature of the deal with project developers and landholders must be transparent.
  • Project income – The process by which the project receives income and returns dividends must be easy to understand.
  • Risk Profile – Will the project expose SolarShare or our member investors to undue risks?
  • Additionality – Will the emissions offset by the generator  be ‘additional’ to any emissions being offset by the federal government’s renewable energy target?
  • Does the generator site foster positive connections with the local community?