Rooftop Projects

SolarShare is in discussions with multiple hosts for a community owned solar array on their facility.

Rootop Solar Plant

Most rooftop projects will sell energy directly to the energy user on the property where the solar power plant is located. This type of contract is often called a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The energy user receives the benefit of a predetermined electricity price for many years to come and can hedge against possible future price rises. They can also be confident that their energy is sourced in an environmentally sound manner. This type of project is suitable for host sites with large available roof area and consistent daytime electricity use.  We are targeting rooftop projects in the rage of 30kW to 200kW.

Facilities with very large roof area may qualify to sell electricity out to the national grid. In this circumstance it is not necessary for the facility to have the consistent daytime electricity use mentioned above. If you are a roof owner we will discuss these options with you during the feasibility investigation stage.

We will be releasing project details on this page as they become available.