How it works

Sun in, energy out

The solar farm will be constructed from photovoltaic panels which are commonly seen on domestic houses. These panels convert sunlight directly into electricity. Read more about the technology here.

Energy sold for profit

Due to the way the energy market operates means we cannot directly supply energy to members’ homes. Instead the electricity is sold under a long term contract to the energy customer which can differ depending on where the solar power farm is located. Read more about how the electricity is sold.

Dividends returned to the community

The profits from energy sales are returned as dividends to the community investors. SolarShare is aiming to provide an attractive return to member investors, targeting current rates offered by high interest saver accounts. Click here to read more about the financial aspects of community solar.

Three easy steps to joining

Step 1 Registration:

Community investors register to indicate their interest in investing.

After receiving registrations, SolarShare reaches an agreement with a site and developer. SolarShare then finalises the project details and publishes an disclosure document for interested community investors. Learn more about registration

Step 2 Investment:

SolarShare invites the investors from the community to invest in solar farm. Learn more about being an investor. SolarShare is a member-owned business which means at this stage you also become a member of the SolarShare . Click here to see our faq section on what it means to be a member owned business

SolarShare engages the chosen contractors and developers during this phase.

Step 3 Ownership:

The Solar farm generates electricity which is sold to the energy customer and profits earned from energy sales are distributed to the community members. Learn about shares and being an investor