The farm is now 'switched' on and generating power for the Canberra community. We would like to say a big thank you to all our Investors and community members for your support!

Lawrence And Nick

A community solar farm is a solar power plant which is co-owned by members of the nearby community.

_MG_5538 SolarShare is for anyone that wants to be part of the transition to a renewable energy economy. This includes people who previously had no access to the solar power market, including renters or people without a suitable roof for solar panels.

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Majura Community Solar Farm Project Details


Canberra's community solar project will generate as much power as is used by approximately 250 houses and have a nameplate power of 1MW. We are constructing the project in the Majura Valley on a disused block owned by the Mount Majura Vineyard . The solar farm income is secured by a long term energy contract for the purchase of the electricity. Learn more

Community update: Our 2023 AGM, return for investors and news

Spring has sprung, and as the wattles surrounding

Save the date: 2023 Annual General Meeting

Our next AGM has been scheduled for Friday 20 October 2023.

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