Our Philosophy

As our climate is changing, so is our society. SolarShare is part of the shift to an economy where communities have an important part to play in our energy choices

Our vision is for people to share a connection with their energy supply, their investment, their community and the environment through ownership and participation in local renewable energy generation.

In Australia we often feel a strong connection to the land and climate. This connection means being able to celebrate warm summer days at the beach, visit our beautiful national parks, or enjoy home grown apples. Yet there is another side of being connected to climate: where national icons like the great barrier reef are at risk of disappearing, where changing drought and flood cycles can disrupt both farms and cities and where a hotter climate leads to more devastating bush fires.

Yet while we are connected to climate, we are often disconnected from our energy production.  It is mined, freighted, burnt and transmitted in systems that are largely out of sight and out of mind.  All we really see is the energy coming out of our power points.

Community energy is about communities becoming more involved in where our energy comes from, its about economic activity on a more local scale and its about becoming more connected to the other people in your community. 

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